Tantric massage is associated with old practise of original tantra. This practise was popular and widespread in Asian countries long time ago. It was an ideology itself, sometimes represented also in religions as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. People believed in magical healing properties of Tantra. Bratislava Tantra salon also believes in healing and purifying properties of erotic massage https://bratislavatantra.sk/en/. There is an opportunity to improve sexual dysfunctions, old traumas, negative thoughts, feeling of tiredness… Tantra and masseuses will not judge you for who you are.

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This is a principle. Only then you can be open to be a receiver of pure energy that is a source of health. Tantric practise is sacred, it is not sexual. You will feel better in physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual meaning. The main benefit of tantric massage is emotional well-being. Presence of beautiful masseuse can boost self-esteem. Satisfaction is easy. Tantric massage helps you to stay present and enjoy the moment. You will work with your self-control. There will be no space for negative thoughts. You can reduce stress. Your heart level will be lowered as well as levels of hormones will change.

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Your levels of cortisol will be lowered and levels of oxytocin will be high. After getting to know benefits, you should know about programmes and opportunities. There are 13 types of massages. 2 of them are only for women. All of them are exclusive, some of them are suitable for beginners. You can enjoy Classic tantra, Body tantra, Body mutual, Secret dark, Tantra rain mutual, Sensual tantra, Special tantra, Magic tantra, Couple tantra, Double body, Double special. The two programmes for women are Deluxe tantra and Exclusive tantra. The salon is clean and masseuses and masseurs are highly professional, respecting your privacy and intimacy.